Full Size Car Reviews And The Best Gas Mileage Cars In The Full Size Cars Class


Full Size Car Reviews | Best Gas Mileage Cars | Full Size Cars

Full Size Car Reviews | Best Gas Mileage Cars

In this day and age, the MPG rating a car is looked at a lot closer than it used to be. Back in the good old days (for me, that would be the '80's) gas ALWAYS seemed to simmer around the $1 mark. So who cared, right? The only time you cared about the price of fuel was when you were broke in high school and needed a couple bucks so you could drive around with your friends that night.

Well, that has changed. With gas huvoring around $3 a gallon, people are paying for attention than ever to how many miles they can drive on a full tank of gasoline. If you can't get one of the small options out there, here is a list of full size sedans that get the best MPG as rated by the EPA. Remember, EPA ratings are averages. You can usually get a little bit better than posted if you tend to drive a little more conservative.

1. 2010 Nissan Altima 4cyl.

City/Highway Combined: 27 mpg
Tank Size: 20  
Range = 540 per tank

Altima is the winner in all 3 categories.

2. 2010 Toyota Camry 4cyl.

City/Highway Combined: 26 mpg
Tank Size: 18.5
Range = 481 per tank

3. 2010 Honda Accord 4cyl.

City/Highway Combined: 25 mpg
Tank Size: 18.5
Range = 462.5 per tank

4. 2010 Ford Fusion 4cyl.

City/Highway Combined: 25 mpg
Tank Size: 17.5
Range = 437.5 per tank

5. 2010 Chevy Malibu 4cyl.

City/Highway Combined: 26 mpg
Tank Size: 16
Range = 416 per tank

6. 2010 Mazda MAZDA6 4cyl.

City/Highway Combined: 24 mpg
Tank Size: 18.5  
Range = 444 per tank

What does this mean?


If you are looking for a 4cylinder, non-luxury sedan that gets the best combined gas mileage and has he best range, this is your list. There are many other factors to take into consideration like horsepower, torque, reliability, and many more.

But, the numbers are clear: surprisingly, 2010 Nissan Altima has the biggest tank and the best MPG rating, which gives it the furthest range on one tank of gas. Who knew?


Full Size Car Reviews | Best Gas MileageFull Size Car Reviews | Best Gas Mileage Cars | Full Size Cars Cars

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Posted 1599 days ago
Didn't Nissan used to be Datsun? I had a Datsun..pretty cool little car and then they jsut seemed to go away. Some body told me Nissan bought them. Pretty sporty little car
Posted 1616 days ago
How long has the Acoord been around? I had one in college and it was old then. I bought it from some guy my freshman year and drove it for 8 years. I wish I knew what happen to that car. I bet someone is still driving it.
Posted 1619 days ago
Hybrids on bigger cars are usually a waste. They weigh too much and you don't really get your money back. That Fusion though looks interesting. 40mpg for a full size car? That is awesome, we will se if that is really the case when it comes out
Posted 1620 days ago
The Ford Fusion is the best new car out there I think. It really is a great deal for the money. That SYNC thing they have for the audio and your phone is like nothing else. If the hybrid was so much, i would get it.
Posted 1631 days ago
They have auto show that last for a month at the Texas state fair. The first real auto show in in Anaheim the first weekend of October. Los Angeles is over Thanksgiving time.
Posted 1643 days ago
When is the the first auto show. I think it is somewhere out west. Maybe Los Angeles? If anybody knows, please answer this post...thanks. I'm taking a trip out there and want o go.
Posted 1666 days ago
I know, it does seem like we are paying a lot for cars, but we are paying more for everything. I think it has hit high point, The price of cars is going to go down or level out in my opinion. It has to. Nobody has any money.